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Request a Commission 

Are you in possession of a family heirloom that is showing signs of wear and tear, or are you in search of a unique piece of furniture to complement a particular space in your home? If so, I am thrilled to collaborate with you!

Through our joint efforts, we can craft a customized design that seamlessly integrates with your decor, and revitalize your old furniture.

To get started, simply reach out to me using the contact form or via email. You can submit photographs of the item you wish to transform, or specify the type of furniture you desire, and I will take care of sourcing it for you.

*Make sure to include, the style your looking for, rough sizing of the peice, and lastly colour schemes you would want to incorporate 

Not sure what you would like?

if you are unsure of what style you would be looking for why not check out our social media down below. Otherwise message us and we would love to give suggestions


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